New Image Auto Sales 50/50 Warranty

**50/50 WARRANTY at New Image Auto Sales!**
This warranty is designed to support you by covering costs associated with unexpected repairs, not to replace
regular maintenance or repair damage from accidents or misuse. We encourage all our customers to
maintain their vehicles according to manufacturer guidelines to ensure their reliability and safety on the

**Comprehensive Coverage**: Whether it’s major work like an engine replacement or a small repair like a
starter, you can count on us. We proudly offer a 50% discount on your costs for any repair at New
Image Auto Sales Service Center, addressing any issue, and including every part.

**Half-Price Parts**: Exclusively at the New Image Auto Sales Service Department*, we offer a 50%
discount on parts at New Image Auto Sales Service Center. (Excluding maintenance items on vehicles
including but not limited to: Alignments, Tires, Oil, Oil Filter, Brakes, Etc.)

**Labor at Exceptional Rates**: Enjoy a 50% reduction on our standard labor rate, (New Image Auto Sales
Service Hourly Rates $115.00. Subject to change* )

**Diagnostic Services**: To accurately identify issues, our warranty includes diagnostic services at a
reduced rate. Understanding the root cause is essential for effective repair, and our expert technicians
utilize the latest diagnostic tools to ensure accurate results. (Reduced rate: $85.00 Per Diagnostic per

**Priority Service**: Warranty holders receive priority scheduling for service appointments, reducing wait
times and getting you back on the road faster.

**Exclusive Service Location**: Warranty repairs and services must be carried out at New Image Auto Sales’
service department to ensure the highest standards of quality and to maintain the integrity of the

**Lifetime Warranty for Original Owners**: This warranty is effective the moment the Vehicle leaves New
Image Auto Sales**. (There is no free service work to be provided, unless stated on a we owe form at
the time of the sale) For covered breakdowns, this is our promise of post-sale support. Exclusion: If
you have or have purchased an extended service contract through a third party, it must be utilized prior
to the New Image Warranty. The Warranty and Service contract cannot be combined. This warranty
cannot be exercised at any facility other than New Image Auto Sales Service.

Exclusions to the New Image Auto Sales Warranty:

1. Accidents and Collision Damage: Damage resulting from accidents, collisions, or impact with
any external object is not covered. This includes but is not limited to bodywork and structural

2. Unauthorized Modifications: Any modifications made to the vehicle that alter its original
engineering or design, including aftermarket parts and enhancements not approved by the
manufacturer, will void the warranty.

3. Routine Maintenance and Wear Items: The warranty does not cover routine maintenance and
wear items such as oil changes, brake pads, tire replacement, alignments, and battery

4. Neglect or Abuse: Damage resulting from neglect, abuse, or the failure to perform regular
maintenance as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. This includes but is not limited
to: damages due to improper use of fuel, fluids, or lubricants.

5. Environmental Damage: Damage caused by environmental factors, including but not limited to,
hail, floods, earthquakes, lightning, or other natural disasters.

6. Commercial Use: Vehicles used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to taxi
services, ride-sharing, rental, or delivery services, are excluded from the warranty.

7. Racing or Competition: Damage or failures resulting from racing, competition or any type of
performance testing.

8. Tampering or Unauthorized Repairs: Damage or malfunctions resulting from tampering,
unauthorized repairs, or adjustments not approved or performed by New Image Auto Sales
Service Department.

9. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Specific Components: Specialized components unique to hybrid,
electric, and alternative fuel vehicles, including but not limited to batteries, charging systems,
and power management systems, are excluded.

10. Towing Over the Limit: Costs exceeding the 50% towing assistance coverage or towing done
without prior authorization from New Image Auto Sales.

11. Pre-existing Conditions: Issues or damages that existed prior to the purchase of the vehicle
and were acknowledged at the time of sale.

12. Salvage or Branded Titles: Vehicles with salvage, rebuilt, or branded titles at the time of
purchase are not covered under this warranty.

13. Open Invoice Non-Payment: If at the time of Service, the buyer opts not to settle an open
invoice (30 days past due) related to any pre-sale inspection, repair, service, or enhancement
specifically recommended or identified by New Image Auto Sales, the warranty will be
considered void. An open invoice may include, but is not limited to, recommended repairs, parts
replacements, or any service deemed necessary by New Image Auto Sales to ensure the
vehicle’s reliability and safety

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